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  • What CEOs are looking for in HR leaders by Human Capital

    No one said leadership is easy. Getting to the big office requires a special mix of talent, ability and drive. Three CEOs share the attributes they think are required for a good leader with HC.

  • Leadership in HR: tips for partnering with management by Janie Smith

    HR practitioners balance the multiple roles of supporting, advising and leading. HC talks to Bruce Ross-Adams, executive general manager HR at St Ives Group about how to get the management team to respect and abide by your advice and input.

  • This might be incentive to bend the law when hiring by Juliette Willow

    Personal lives shouldn’t come into hiring decisions, right? Well, when it comes to CEOs that might not be the case, at least theoretically

  • And now for your job audition: Odd job interview techniques by Tammy Buckley

    Organisations are resorting to a whole new repertoire of techniques to find the right hire, but would you consider handwriting analysis or perhaps making a candidate audition in your quest for the perfect fit?

  • Blonde HR professionals: The chosen ones? by Tammy Buckley

    An impassioned debate has exploded in the HR blogosphere after an HR director suggested that CEOs hire young blonde females into HR roles because they ‘lack the experience to challenge’ the CEOs.

  • No maternity leave for surrogacy mothers under EU law by Human Capital

    A controversial ruling by the European Court of Justice says that women who use a surrogate to have a baby are not entitled to maternity leave.

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