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  • Youth employment: are you inadvertently ageist? by

    While overall unemployment is down, young people are bucking the trend with more than one-third of Australia’s jobless aged between 15 and 24. Should you be hiring for potential rather than experience?

  • Unpaid work: tips for navigating a HR minefield by Janie Smith

    Recent allegations of non-payment or under-payment by Kylie Minogue’s backing performers raise the issue of the legality of unpaid work. HC looks at the facts you need to know.

  • More companies aiming for greater workplace diversity by Janie Smith

    The need for diversity consultants and managers is a growing trend as companies move towards greater workplace equity and diversity, according to a recent report.

  • Anti-bullying laws: a storm in a teacup? by Janie Smith

    It’s been four months since the Fair Work Commission’s new anti-bullying measures came into force and despite fears of a flood of complaints, only one stop bullying order has been issued so far.

  • What CEOs are looking for in HR leaders by Human Capital

    No one said leadership is easy. Getting to the big office requires a special mix of talent, ability and drive. Three CEOs share the attributes they think are required for a good leader with HC.

  • Leadership in HR: tips for partnering with management by Janie Smith

    HR practitioners balance the multiple roles of supporting, advising and leading. HC talks to Bruce Ross-Adams, executive general manager HR at St Ives Group about how to get the management team to respect and abide by your advice and input.

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