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  • Quantity versus quality: the employer branding challenge by Caitlin Nobes

    New research shows international brands that HR leaders might envy may be attracting more talent, but not better talent.

  • Opinion: Hot, noisy and dark: Are you asking employees to learn in an impossible environment? by Human Capital

    Employee trainers pay a lot of attention to the content of their curriculum and the way they deliver it. But do we pay enough attention to the tangible surroundings in which we ask employees to absorb the learning we seek to impart? Dave Clemens, HR blogger and senior writer for Rapid Learning Institute, investigates.

  • Tips for avoiding the “bitchy boss” label by Janie Smith

    Female workplace leaders sometimes find themselves tagged as 'bitchy bosses', especially if they’re high-achievers. Lawrence Polsky, managing partner at consulting firm PeopleNRG, shares his strategies for ditching the 'bitch' epithet.

  • Bad news: HR is the fun police by Caitlin Nobes

    It’s hard to be just another part of the team if everyone’s watching what they say around you, but when it comes down to it, that is part of HR's job.

  • The benefits of temporary workers by Janie Smith

    With the demand for flexible working on the rise, temporary roles can be a way to get the skilled workers you need into your organisation. They’re also a great talent pool for full time vacancies.

  • The deal-breakers that drive employees away by Janie Smith

    If you think money is the main motivator for workers, think again. New research reveals what creates the most employee dissatisfaction and can lead to them leaving.

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