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  • Why you should hire an Olympian by Caitlin Nobes

    They may not have much professional experience on their CV, but professional athletes could have a lot to offer an organization.

  • “Excessive sitting” could lead to legal claims by Janie Smith

    Sitting down all day has been revealed as a major health concern and some commentators are predicting future litigation claims. Here’s what HR can do to help keep employees moving.

  • HR execs say farewell to email by Tammy Buckley

    HR executives have indicated that within three years they will be shunning email in favour of a new business communication method. So what is it and why is HR heading towards this tool?

  • Pollution pay for ex-pats working in China by Human Capital

    Would you be willing to work in heavy pollution for more money? Panasonic is offering staff who move to China extra pay as compensation for the polluted air.

  • How to create leaders who make you (HR) look good by Janie Smith

    We know what kind of leadership we want from executives and managers, but how can we achieve it? Julie Harrison, Deloitte partner, human capital, reveals her tips for turning good managers into great leaders.

  • HR recruitment: why you should be using LinkedIn by Juliette Willow

    Revenue growth and sky-high membership statistics are one thing, but here’s what you need to know about how members are actually using LinkedIn

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