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  • National HR Summit 2015: Ten days to Super Save by HCA

    Read on to find out how you can save up to $1650 on bookings for Australia's number one independent HR event.

  • Should texting in sick be banned? by Chloe Taylor

    Australian employers are cracking down on employees who email or text when they are too ill to go to work, and are monitoring social media posts which often show that illnesses aren’t genuine.

  • Lighter side: The $30K hotdog by Chloe Taylor

    A company in Ireland was ordered to pay its former employee $29,134 in compensation after the employee was sacked for upsizing his own hotdog.

  • Lighter side: Interviews gone wrong by Chloe Taylor

    Interviews are generally straightforward and uneventful, but sometimes they don't go as expected.

  • Hot jobs 2015: Will you be in demand? by Chloe Taylor

    The latest annual Hot Jobs forecast has been released, detailing a specific HR role as the in-demand job of 2015.

  • Fair Work Ombudsman crackdown on employee underpayment by Chloe Taylor

    As the Fair Work Ombudsman focuses in on employee underpayment across multiple industries, it’s a warning to all employers to ensure remuneration processes and policies are transparent and clearly communicated.

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