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  • Lighter side: A toast to quirky resumes by Janie Smith

    Home brew, dedicated websites, Lego figures – job seekers will go to extraordinary lengths to make sure that employers notice their CVs. HC takes a look at some of the most creative resumes out there.

  • Lighter Side: Fired for legally buying drugs by Caitlin Nobes

    Many employers aren’t too interested what employees do in their free time, but being interviewed about your enthusiasm for free drugs might not be wise.

  • Five tips for acing a HR job interview by Janie Smith

    As HR professionals, conducting job interviews is our bread and butter. But being on the other side of the interview requires different skills and not everyone gets it right. HC looks at how to avoid the pitfalls.

  • Mind over matter: Why major companies love mindfulness by Janie Smith

    Google uses it, Twitter, Apple and Yahoo love it – even the US Marine Corps has embraced it. HC looks at why Australian businesses need to get on board with mindfulness.

  • Five Minutes With...June Chui, senior HR manager, Polycom Asia Pacific by Human Capital

    Polycom Asia Pacific senior HR manager June Chui tells HC how technology will change the role of HR in the future and why she'd love a workplace with a mountain view.

  • Mental health: Walking the talk in the workplace by

    It’s seen as a sensitive subject, surrounded by stigma, but employers need to tackle mental health head-on. HC talks to an expert about how to address the issue in the workplace.

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