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  • HR’s finest minds talk success at summit by Janie Smith

    Want to know the success secrets of organisations like Johnson & Johnson and the Australian Red Cross Blood Service? Learn more at the Melbourne HR Summit.

  • Billionaire calls for three day work week by Caitlin Nobes

    One of the world’s richest businessmen is proposing people work longer hours, but fewer days. Could his model work in Australia?

  • Opinion: The rise of the Chief Happiness Officer by Human Capital

    Could employing a "chief happiness officer" be the way to turn your business around? Jabra Australia/New Zealand managing director Soren Schonnemann looks at ways to solve the productivity paradox that plagues organisations.

  • IT executive awarded $130,000 sexual harassment pay-out by Janie Smith

    The Federal Court has awarded a former Oracle executive $130,000 after she was sexually harassed by a colleague – more than seven times what she was originally awarded for the case last year.

  • Workplace discrimination laws may cover obesity by Janie Smith

    Extreme obesity may become part of European Union workplace discrimination laws, after a Danish worker claimed he was fired for being too fat.

  • The pros and cons of boomerang employees by Caitlin Nobes

    Basketball superstar LeBron James is a perfect example of a boomerang employee, heading home to Cleveland where he got his career start. HC looks at the issues to consider when rehiring former employees.

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