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  • Going in blind: The way forward for interviews? by Janie Smith

    Two law firms have started conducting CV-blind interviews, where all the interviewers know about the candidates is their names. Could this approach help stamp out unconscious bias?

  • Best practice guide to termination by Human Capital

    Dismissing employees can turn into an HR nightmare if the correct process isn't followed. Workplace Law managing director Athena Koelmeyer shares her best practice tips for successful terminations.

  • Wanted: Workers with attitude by Janie Smith

    Insurance company Youi takes the unusual approach of hiring people for their personality rather than their experience. Should you take the same approach?

  • Lighter side: Ridiculous resume mistakes by Janie Smith

    Nothing brings laughter to the hiring process like finding humorous errors in resumes. Here are some of the most hilarious and outrageous CV claims.

  • Lighter side: $400k employee theft…in coins? by Caitlin Nobes

    Employee theft is one of HR’s biggest concerns and it can be hard to catch, but how did this employee walk away with almost two million quarters?

  • Lighter side: Blogger fired for a homophone? by Human Capital

    Where was HR when this boss decided to fire the social media coordinator because he didn't know what "homophone" meant?

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