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  • Financial phrases every HR pro should know by Nicola Middlemiss

    HR managers will never progress to the C-suite if they can’t hold their own with the CFO – can you?

  • How to manage unexpected small projects by Chloe Taylor

    Small projects can be as challenging as larger projects, with constraints such as time and resourcing restricting productivity. How can HR best manage smaller projects to ensure success?

  • Are your diversity policies empty promises? by Chloe Taylor

    Research has shown that employers are still failing to put diversity and inclusion initiatives into action – is your organisation one of them?

  • Impact the C-Suite with your HR analytics by Chloe Taylor

    Data analytics has become an integral part of every HR professional’s role – HC speaks to one expert about how HR can leverage data to influence business decisions on human capital.

  • Sure fire ways to ruin your HR career by HCA

    One HRD shares his thoughts on what other professionals should avoid at all costs if they want to keep their jobs.

  • Kiwi business confidence overtaking Australia’s by Chloe Taylor

    Research has found that New Zealanders are more confident in their organisations’ futures that their colleagues in Australia, leading one expert to warn Aussie employers that their talent might begin to look across the Tasman for opportunities.

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