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  • Far out Friday: Fake funerals held for stressed-out employees by Nicola Middlemiss

    In what may be the most bizarre employee engagement initiative we’ve ever seen, workers are being guided through their very own mock funerals.

  • How can self-awareness help you in 2016 by HCA

    Facing massive organisational change? Unsure about your levels of resilience? Or perhaps you’re unsure of how others perceive you…whatever your 2016 challenges are, self-awareness can help you play to your strengths and develop your weaknesses.

  • Will HR’s role change in 2016? by Chloe Taylor

    HC chats to a researcher about the insights she gained from a recent study on the role of HR and human capital in business.

  • Was training the right response to racism? by Chloe Taylor

    Last month, Apple announced a global D&I training initiative after an incident of racism in one of its stores. HC chats to an L&D expert about how he encourages and teaches inclusive thinking.

  • Only 10% of managers engage their teams by Chloe Taylor

    Research has shown that the majority of managers are detrimental to employee engagement – but better leadership could improve productivity by 60%.

  • Is the death of the 9-5 workday inevitable? by Nicola Middlemiss

    It may have governed our working lives for decades but one leading academic says millennials will soon do away with the structure for good.

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