Employee Relations

  • Damaged goods: why you should hire the “scarred” worker

    Looking for the bright, breezy, cheerful candidate? Scared of the guy who seems to have had a lot of knocks? One top CEO says your priorities are backwards

  • ​Restraints of Trade

    Nichola Constant and Erin Lynch outline the role of restraints of trade in protecting business interests

  • CBA vs Barker: Implied terms in the spotlight

    A recent Federal Court case has again bought to light the need to clarify implied terms, especially in relation to breach of contract cases. Sean Selleck outlines why the implied term has been "a splendid house built without foundations".

  • Business demands IR reform from next government

    Regardless of which political party wins the upcoming federal election, further changes to federal workplace laws has been identified by businesses as the number one priority to take action on.

  • Don't 'lose out' to LinkedIn

    A recent Fair Work Australia case has highlighted the potential for LinkedIn to be used as an anti-competitive tool and/or a public relations disaster. Belinda Copley outlines the steps employers can take to avoid 'losing out' to LinkedIn.

  • Walking the fine line between reasonable performance management and bullying

    What can your organisation do to protect itself from bullying claims arising from performance management processes? Nichola Constant and Erin Lynch provide some tips.

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