Discrimination & harassment

  • The standard you walk past is the standard you are liable for

    The recent sex discrimination and harassment scandals rocking the Australian Defence Force have left Lisa Croxford wondering if managers are aware that the behavioural standards they walk past are the same standards they are personally held accountable for.

  • Expert fears false bullying claims could flood FWC

    The Gillard government’s reforms could result in some undesired circumstances, according to one expert.

  • FWC puts workplace bullies in their sights

    Squashing workplace bullying is something any HR manager can get behind. Whilst legislative changes, due to commence on 1 July, will see the FWC tackling the bullying problem, waiting around might get you caught in the crossfire.

  • New federal scheme for victims of workplace bullying

    Amendments to the Fair Work Act in March will allow a worker who reasonably believes they have been bullied at work to apply to the Fair Work Commission for an order to stop the bullying. Charles Power outlines what this means for business.

  • Adverse action time limits restricted as workplace bullying rises

    A change in time frames means that while the limitation periods have decreased, the importance of having in place strategies to eliminate or minimise the risk of workplace bullying has never been more important. Nick Read outlines what it means for businesses.

  • Mediation instead of more regulation

    Michaela Moloney investigates whether the development of a trial mediation service, suggested by Standing Committee on Education and Employment, may be a tool to prevent workplace bullying.

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