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Send women on international assignments: Expert

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HC Online | 21 Sep 2011, 12:02 AM Agree 0
An international expert has revealed that fewer than 20% of women are given international assignments in business, despite being better equipped to handle the pressures of working abroad.
  • Nazish | 21 Sep 2011, 06:43 PM Agree 0
    I agree, it has been noticed and regular we feel. I felt this thing unrealistic behavior but i think due to family values and responsibility, the society as well family never encourage females travel regularly...which totally unfair as being a professional we need to explore the opportunities as well as groom our self and enhance our knowledge and develop skills.
  • Patti McCarthy, Cultural Chemistry | 23 Sep 2011, 02:44 PM Agree 0
    I work with a lot of female expats in the +/-30 age bracket, but it drops off sharply at the +/-40 point, as the article indicates. Isn't this just mirroring the percentages of women at a more senior level? Many women who have children are either fully out of the workplace between say 33-40 or only working part time, so they are not promoted to the more senior positions and are not seen as being worth the high costs of international relocation.
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