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Obama aims to “Raise the Wage”

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HC Online | 21 Oct 2014, 10:02 AM Agree 0
As the US government campaigns to “Raise the Wage,” HC investigates the impact a high minimum wage is having on the Australian workforce.
  • MM | 21 Oct 2014, 11:22 AM Agree 0
    The focus on minimum wage is always on cost to business - you never hear about the affects of low minimum wage on employees - not being able to house or feed yourself and your family. Having to take 2 or more jobs to make ends meet. The government classifying you as earning too much and so no longer qualifying for benefits etc etc. e.g. with full price scripts costing over $30, how much affect does an illness - especially a long term one cost someone on $14 gross an hour - and less after tax affect a low paid worker. Be real here people
  • Sean | 21 Oct 2014, 01:47 PM Agree 0
    MM, people on minimum wage still qualify for a lot of benefits.

    If the minimum wage affects the unemployment rate, then people don't get a chance to get a job and develop the work skills that can help them further themselves in life.
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