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Are male-dominated workplaces bad for women’s health?

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HC Online | 02 Sep 2015, 07:20 AM Agree 0
An academic study has found that being a ‘token woman’ in a workplace increases anxiety and can lead to longer term poor health.
  • | 02 Sep 2015, 06:32 PM Agree 0
    I have held senior HR positions for the past 20 years, the first 7 in a female dominated workplace and the last 13 in a male dominated workplace.
    I can assure you it makes no difference. Logic would say that if females experience poor health in a male dominated workplace then males would experience the same in a female dominated workplace. Nevertheless, we all experience gender dominated environments outside work. Many families, associations, clubs,events, are by their nature or coincidentally gender dominant. When was the last time a female in family of 4 boys was diagnosed with poor health as a result of living with males ( and vice versa) So why is this flagged as an issue in workplaces? Probably because people were asked a survey question and answered in a manner to solicit attention or empathy ( human nature) Perhaps people blame their own shortcomings on the environment that they are in.
    I have witnessed a female manager running a whole state of retail stores with over 50 males reporting through to her, and she thrived on the dynamic and showed that females are every bit as good as males no matter what the gender mix. Don't be a shrinking violet and blame poor health on the workplace gender mix. Set and manage appropriate behaviour standards and move on. This concern is so 90s!
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