Former employee forced to pay Seven’s legal costs

by John Hilton17 Jul 2017
Former Channel Seven executive assistant Amber Harrison has been ordered to pay Seven West Media’s legal costs after the company took her to court for breaching a confidentiality agreement.

In the NSW Supreme Court, Justice John Sackar described her conduct as "unreasonable” and said she continued to run the case despite adverse preliminary findings, settlement offers and a complete absence of evidence.

“In relation to the question of costs, I think there should be an order that the defendant pay the costs on an indemnity basis,” he said.

The media giant has not revealed the total costs of the Supreme Court case, but they are expected to be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Seven’s barristers had pursued Harrison for breaching confidentiality agreements she signed in 2014 to not release sensitive documents.

Last week, Harrison abandoned her legal battle with her former employer, making the revelation on Twitter that she would no longer fight the company and its gagging order.

In March, Harrison hired prominent barrister Julian Burnside QC in the continuing legal battle.

Harrison claimed the media company contravened the Fair Work Act and breached her employment contract. She also filed an adverse action claim under the Fair Work Act.

Moreover, Seven’s former HR head Melanie Allibon left the company in December 2016, shortly after the two-year affair between Harrison and the CEO Tim Worner was made public.

Allibon played a prominent role in the efforts to negotiate Harrison out of the organisation after executive chairman Kerry Stokes was told about the affair.

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