Are your employees financially stressed?

by Iain Hopkins25 Aug 2016
Option 1: Your Wealth Hub
Your Wealth Hub offers a holistic financial wellness program with in-house engagement and a digital support program. For Glozier the key is continuous learning – and Your Wealth Hub offers an online knowledge centre which is packed with articles, videos, checklists that people can work through and read. In addition, the YWH website allows people to work at their own pace by using various online tools. “One of the reasons people don’t seek support is because they don’t know where to turn so that’s why we’ve concentrated on the knowledge centre and these tools,” says Glozier.
The firm also offers face-to-face education sessions, which will be based on whatever is timely at various points in the year: financial goal setting at start of year, tax time tips, or information on the federal budget. Sessions might include getting on top of credit card debt, attacking mortgage debt, investment updates, or information on foreign currency.
Partnerships with a wide range of suppliers, including Flight Centre, The Good Guys, Bupa and AGL mean that Your Wealth Hub can also offer a member rewards program. “We’re educating but also rewarding at the same time with discounts,” says Glozier.
Your Wealth Hub also has a dedicated business arm, Strictly Super, which specialises in corporate superannuation.
Glozier acknowledges that building a holistic program for employees can be daunting, so Your Wealth Hub offers not just a customised communications plan and reporting on program success, but a face-to-face induction program to alert employees to what’s on offer.
“We understand building something like this for an employer can be tough, so we have our tailored program ready to go. Our communications plan means the employer just needs to get behind it and live and breathe it to get maximum support,” he says.

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