HRD issue 15.05

by 08 Jun 2017

Cover story: Employer of Choice 2017
HRD’s third annual Employer of Choice awards have been voted on by the people who matter most: employees. Find out who’s leading the pack and why they are excelling


Technology Special Report
From onboarding to performance management, and onto payroll and talent acquisition, technology is helping HR professionals to do their job more effectively. Find out the latest developments in our annual report

How socially intelligent are you?
Interpersonal effectiveness can have a significant impact on your success – or failure – as a leader. More importantly, neuroscience is proving that many of these skills can be taught, as HRD discovers

Linking health to performance
Instead of believing health and wellbeing initiatives have a minimal impact on business performance, it’s time to build a bridge between the two. One expert shares how to get started

Rewriting the HR rulebook
HubSpot is shaking up traditional notions of HR – and it has the IPO success and innovative perks to prove its approach works. HRD sat down with HubSpot’s global VP of culture and experience, Katie Burke, to find out how

457’s under fire
How will the government’s changes to the skilled 457 visa program impact on your organisation? HRD chats to two experts to assess the short-term and long-term impacts on Australia’s labour force

Myth-busting: Novated leases
A novated lease is a benefit that you can offer your employees at little to no cost to your business – but there are some niggling myths surrounding this ever-popular employee perk