HRD issue 15.03

by 12 Apr 2017
Cover story: Breaking through: Australia’s most innovative HR teams
Want to lead the pack? It may be your ability to think outside the square that sets you apart. In our annual Innovative HR Teams list, we highlight Australia’s most cutting-edge HR practices


Start with the end in mind
As the user experience is now a key priority for technology vendors, HRD chats to one expert about how HR is starting to adopt ‘design thinking’ into its processes, which can result in happier, more engaged employees

Do algorithms beat instinct?
HR has been urged to drop its reliance on ‘gut-feel’ but can algorithms beat instinct? Growing concerns about data quality and HR’s ability to make meaningful decisions from that data are clouding the big data revolution

Retention Special Report
More than half of Australian millennials are actively looking for their next job opportunity. From creating an attractive workplace culture to employee recognition programs, here are four essential ways to retain your best and brightest stars

HRIS rollout failures
The shockingly high failure rate of HRIS rollouts indicates faults on the side of employers and vendors. Here’s what goes wrong, and how HR technology implementations can be improved

Talent solutions for a new era
Globalisation. An ageing workforce. Fundamental shifts in how, where and when people are undertaking work. As the Australian workforce undergoes dramatic change, now is the time to rethink traditional recruitment methods

More than sheer grit
Resilience is not a nice-to-have or something that is only needed under extreme adversity or trauma. HRD chats to one leader who is helping organisations to proactively build resilience habits and develop resilience from the top down


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