HRD issue 15.02

by 16 Mar 2017

Cover story: All about mindset
All businesses face disruption, but as IAG’s Gillian Folkes reveals, it’s the mindset that accompanies disruption that makes the real difference 


Australia’s top recruiters
What makes for a great recruitment partner and how are their services being utilised in 2017? Find out as HRD reveals the results of its inaugural Top Recruiter survey

Employment Law Special Report
Employment law is an ever-changing field. HRD presents a range of topics relevant to all HR practitioners, from the rise of the gig economy, to psychological injury claims

The next iteration of wearable tech
Wearable technology can enhance employee health & wellbeing but what happens next? Iain Hopkins investigates how patterns, connections and algorithms are changing HR

Breaking new ground in psych testing
Psychometrics as a science may have its roots in Cambridge as far back as 1886, but today psychometric tools and assessments are helping businesses navigate a rapidly changing world 

A bridge to engagement success
A reward & recognition framework, which places engagement at its core, may be a step in the right direction to becoming a best employer

Taking a stand
With pressure mounting to provide a nationwide standard for paid domestic violence leave, HRD looks at existing programs and how employers can prepare