HRD issue 14.08

by 01 Sep 2016

Cover story: 2016 Asia-Pacific HR Report
HRD’s readers have spoken. In our second annual HR Report, we get the lowdown from the frontline on the key challenges and opportunities facing the profession.


Under (financial) pressure
Research shows that Australians are under enormous financial strain – but what role, if any, do employers play in alleviating that strain?

Is a high-trust culture possible?
Instead of a high-trust culture, too many organisations struggle with fear-based cultures. Can the situation be changed?

Which way to turn: Coaching or mentoring?
Which leadership development option is the most suitable for your circumstance – coaching or mentoring? 

Profile: A thinker in a world of talkers
LinkedIn’s global head of talent, Pat Wadors talks about the hidden power of introverted leaders and how LinkedIn is tackling gender bias

Where is HR on boards?
HR has always been woefully under-represented at board level but a new era indicates this might be about to change

Collective leadership intelligence
Collective leadership effectiveness and intelligence represent huge uptapped potential in most organisations – here’s how you can benefit