HRD issue 13.11

by 20 Nov 2015
Cover story: Hot List 2015
Who has made the grade in HRD’s annual who’s who list? Who is blazing the trail for others to follow? Our 2015 Hot List reveals all


Qantas’ remarkable transformation
HRD chats to Trudie Harriman, head of HR – customer and commercial relationships, about the organisation’s surprising transformation, change fatigue, and the role of L&D in driving change

21st century talent management 
Today’s talent management approaches are on shaky ground and unlikely to cater to the business needs of tomorrow, writes Wendy Montague

Living the life: Holding on to expats
A new report indicates that HRDs must become more adept at identifying levers other than compensation to ensure expat employees stay engaged

‘Creating the New’: People strategy at adidas Group
How far does your team plan ahead? One year? Two years? How about until 2020? That’s the plan in place for sportswear giant adidas. HRD chats to one of the company’s global HR leaders

Learning at the top
Far from petering out the further up the corporate ladder they progress, executives need continuous
learning to cope with the ever-evolving challenges they face. Karen Gately outlines some development options

The end of hero leadership in Australia?
New prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has promised a new type of leadership. What might that entail and what can corporate leaders take from his example? Jane Hayman offers her opinion