HRD issue 12.10

by 23 Oct 2014

One-on-one: CEOs on HR
HRD sits down with two of Australia’s leading business leaders – Pip Marlow of Microsoft and Jack Percy of Accenture – to talk about how HR can continue to add value in a complicated business world

Don’t stop (thinking about tomorrow)
A spate of white papers suggest that Australian organisations are woefully unprepared to meet the leadership challenges of the future. How can a strategic rather than tactical approach to leadership development be implemented?

The diplomatic leader: How to agree to disagree
There’s a myth that disagreements are negative and are to be avoided at all costs. However, as business consultant Alexandra Tselios explains, if you avoid them entirely, you may never achieve truly effective business outcomes

Burning the candle at both ends
With great leadership comes great stress, but there are ways to prevent stress from turning into burnout. Dr Adam Fraser outlines a seven-step guide to sustaining high performance without letting your health suffer

International HR profile: Southwest Airlines
The aviation industry is one characterised by employee burnout, high turnover, and recession-fuelled layoffs. Southwest Airlines, however, is out to prove that a ‘people first’ business culture can be all it takes to prevent this operational jet lag. Jill Gregorie reports 

In brief: News
News analysis: Interim managers
Last word: Competency frameworks