HRD issue 12.00

by 10 Jan 2014

Cover story: A perfect partnership
What’s the secret to IKEA’s global dominance of the furniture retail market? Iain Hopkins talks to CEO David Hood and national HR manager Jessica Murphy about the company’s innovative HR philosophy

2014 forecasting
What’s in store for HR professionals in 2014? HR Director takes a look at several key trends impacting talent management, retention and HR effectiveness

Regrouping after crisis
We’ve all suffered from career setbacks and even, perhaps, corporate scandals and poor decisions. Is it possible to bounce back after a crisis and use it as an exercise in personal development?

Special Report: Workplace law
From upcoming changes to bullying legislation to managing chronic sick leave, HR Director provides a holistic report outlining key facets of workplace law in 2014

Leading on thin ice
Think you operate in a tough corporate culture? Try leading a team of 18 strangers into the wilderness of Antarctica for an entire year. That’s just what Rachael Robertson did. She shares some of the most powerful leadership insights from the most extreme workplace in the world

Insight: HR collaboration and influence
In person: Vijay Kashyap, Campari Australia

Frontline Intelligence
In Step – HR career experts – provided by The Next Step