HC Magazine issue 11.04

by 06 May 2013

Cover story: Global talent strategies

Why should organisations source talent from abroad? Simply put, talent shortages demand it – and it’s likely your competitors are already doing it. In a comprehensive report, HC looks at everything from visa requirements to cross-cultural management.

Master of bright ideas

When it comes to innovation, are you a helicopter or a vending machine? One takes a holistic view, the other churns out tired ideas day in, day out. Iain Hopkins uncovers some tips to ensure your workplace is bursting with brilliant ideas.

Thought leadership? Think again

Craig Badings and Dr Liz Alexander discuss why current job ads targeting professional ‘thought leaders’ reveal how little most of these organisations really understand about thought leadership and how they’re selling themselves and the position short.

Building the ultimate HR team

Graham Winter asks the question: Is your HR leadership team the role model for a nimble and adaptive work style or siloed and conventional?

Profile: The price is right

From consultant to in-house HR professional, Joanna Price of Adshel talks to Iain Hopkins about rebranding, rapid growth and playing devil’s advocate.


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