HC Magazine issue 11.02

by Iain Hopkins18 Feb 2013

Cover story

When the going gets tough…

Times are tough, and the pressure is on HR to prove why their initiatives are effective and necessary components of business success. Iain Hopkins and Rose Sneyd talk to four leaders in their field for their insights into getting ‘back to basics’ in HR during 2013



Get app and go

HR, like so many other areas of business, is moving ‘on demand’ and is becoming increasingly ‘mobile’. Human Capital looks at some of the best apps for HR professionals and recruiters


The view from the top

Is it really doom and gloom in the executive search market, or just a period of transition? Human Capital talks to key practitioners to find out


Collaboration: Why can’t we play nicely?

What are the barriers to collaboration in your organisation? Is it possible to create the conditions for success? Rob Metcalfe says it is – and here’s how


Profile: No looking back

This month’s profiled HR professional tells Iain Hopkins about life-changing moments, adopting global HR initiatives and bringing corporate values to life



In brief: News

In brief: HR insight


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