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  • One tool all agile HR professionals need by Miklos Bolza

    This test is highly effective at helping HR adapt to future changes, says a leading HR author. Are you using it in your workplace arsenal?

  • Can you dock staff for extended volunteer leave? by Miklos Bolza

    After a mining firm recently got bad press for penalising an employee volunteer, HC looks into the legalities of payment for volunteer leave

  • Are we on the verge of HR 3.0? by Miklos Bolza

    A leading HR author shares her views on what we can expect in HR's next big evolutionary step

  • HRD issue 14.06 by

    HRD’s annual leadership issue presents interviews with four leading CEOs and insights from thought leaders on building trust as a leader, succession planning, and grooming the next generation of leaders

  • Are office perks actually pointless? by

    Employee benefits are becoming increasingly creative and original but you just can’t beat a classic, says one industry commentator.

  • National HR Summit: Three new workshops added by HCA

    HR professionals now have ten free workshops to choose from at the National HR Summit on 6-7 April.

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