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  • National HR Summit 2014: Day one by HCA

    Hundreds of HR professionals are currently attending Day One of the National HR Summit at Luna Park Sydney, one of our largest events yet.

  • ​Why people stay: How to keep your best employees by External

    Retention of high-performing employees is critical to maintaining and enhancing an organisation’s competitive advantage in difficult economic times. Insync Surveys’ latest research paper, Why People Stay: How to Keep Your Best Employees, looks at what makes employees more likely to stay with their employers

  • How to recover from a major HR blunder by HCA

    One wrong keystroke was all it took for a sensitive email to end up in all the wrong places. So how does a HR professional recover?

  • FWC claims: The calm before the storm? by HCA

    HR professionals have been preparing for the worst since new anti-bullying legislation came into force, but is the trickle of FWC complaints about to turn into a flood?

  • National HR Summit 2014: Sydney by

    With only one week to go until the National HR Summit is held at Sydney's Luna Park, time is running out to book your place! Don't miss out on the Asia-Pacific's leading Human Resources event!

  • Leading on Thin Ice by HCA

    Think you operate in a tough corporate culture? Try leading a team of 18 strangers into the wilderness of Antarctica for an entire year. That’s just what Rachael Robertson did. She shares some of the most powerful leadership insights from the most extreme workplace in the world

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