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  • Lighter side: Why working remotely sucks by Sarah Megginson

    Working remotely isn’t just about long lunches and flexible hours, argues Scott Hanselman, who says sometimes, it just plain sucks.

  • How HR can engage a multi-generational workforce by Sarah Megginson

    A multi-channelled approach by HR is the key to success when managing a workforce comprised of several generations.

  • Why 1 in 3 think the humble office is doomed by Sarah Megginson

    The workplace of the future will look less like an office and more like a multi-purpose apartment or leisure park, according to Microsoft.

  • “Leaning in”: Can we really have it all? by Janie Smith

    HC talks to Michelle Cooper, national manager – people and performance at Peoplebank Australia about the challenges of balancing a family and a career.

  • Guided Online Learning: L&D’s Holy Grail by

    Human Capital explores why Guided Online Learning may just be the ‘Holy Grail’ long sought after by L&D professionals.

  • ​In Person: Lisa Christy, SAP by Iain Hopkins

    ​With responsibilities stretching across 900 employees in Australia and New Zealand, Lisa Christy, HR director at tech giant SAP, has plenty on her plate. She refl ects on 15 years in the HR profession, tough decisions, the appeal of IT, and balancing work and personal life

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