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  • Lighter side: The world’s funniest job interviews by Chloe Taylor

    LinkedIn has gathered anecdotes from hiring managers around the world to compile a re-enactment of the funniest (and most bizarre) job interview experiences.

  • ‘Sexist’ LinkedIn comment sparks fierce debate by Nicola Middlemiss

    The professional networking site is at the centre of a workplace-sexism storm after one user publicly shamed another.

  • HRD issue 13.08 by

    HRD asked over 3,000 HR professionals in the Asia-Pacific region for their opinions about their profession. The results provide a snapshot of the health of this ever-evolving industry, showcasing what’s being done well and what needs to improve

  • HR could have new role skilling up ‘employee evangelists’ by Ben Abbott

    ‘Employee evangelists’ could be your company’s answer to a crisis, but it’s up to HR to figure out how to train and educate them effectively.

  • APS bosses to recruit using Facebook by Chloe Taylor

    The Australian Public Service Commission has provided department heads with a new guide to talent management.

  • Revealed: LinkedIn’s Australian HR ‘Power Profiles’ by Chloe Taylor

    Social media platform LinkedIn recently unveiled its latest annual ‘Power Profiles’ list, which details the most viewed individuals within specific industries. HC reveals the names on Australia’s HR list.

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