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  • KPMG first of Big Four to publish pay gap details by Chloe Taylor

    KPMG is set to be the first of the Big Four’s Australian branches to publicise how successfully it has narrowed its own gender pay gap.

  • HR department workloads set to soar: CEOs by Miklos Bolza

    A new global survey reveals some insightful statistics about Aussie CEOs and their views on recruitment, innovation and more

  • Revealed: Australia’s most attractive employers to grads by Chloe Taylor

    What do graduates expect from the workplace and who are their favoured employers? An extensive new survey reveals all.

  • The business of design by Iain Hopkins

    Look around your office. How many desks sit empty? With telework taking off, studies have shown that, on occasion, just 50% of desks are ever occupied. Beyond having flashy corporate HQs, it might be time to focus on making the space support the business and the people working within it, as Iain Hopkins discovers

  • What companies can learn from KPMG’s activity-based workspaces by HCA

    The professional services firm shares the lessons it learned after an 18-month trial with ABW.

  • HRD issue 13.02 by

    Cover story: KPMG’s agile work practices. One wouldn’t naturally think a professional services firm would be a hot-bed of innovative work, but KPMG is bucking the trend, as Iain Hopkins discovers

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