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  • Sabbatical leave: good for business? by Human Capital

    Squeezed budgets and stressed out workers? It may be time to put sabbatical programs back on the agenda

  • ​Why people stay: How to keep your best employees by External

    Retention of high-performing employees is critical to maintaining and enhancing an organisation’s competitive advantage in difficult economic times. Insync Surveys’ latest research paper, Why People Stay: How to Keep Your Best Employees, looks at what makes employees more likely to stay with their employers

  • Quirky and marvellous employee perks by HCA

    Funds towards fertility treatment, twice-monthly house cleaning and lengthy ‘career breaks’ are just some of the perks offered by these forward-thinking HR leaders.

  • The key to a strong social media policy by HCA

    A ‘head in the sand’ approach to social media can prove disastrous if a negative situation develops online.

  • The First 100 Days: Making your mark by HCA

    How long have you got to make an impact in your new HR role? Hint: It’s less than you think.

  • How to make your mark as a HR leader by

    The HR Directors' Forum is a must-attend for HRDs looking to seal their leadership and build credibility.

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