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  • Sarah Rodgers: ​Ready for Take-Off by Iain Hopkins

    Ensuring travellers get to and from their destinations as smoothly as possible takes a huge effort – and ultimately comes down to the deft management of a vast array of employees. Iain Hopkins steps behind the scenes to see how HR operates at Australia’s busiest airport

  • Why HR needs to think like the CMO by Janie Smith

    Is a lack of marketing ability holding HR back? One expert says it’s time for HR to learn from the chief marketing officer.

  • Nicholas Barnett: Man in the Mirror by Iain Hopkins

    Nicholas Barnett, CEO, Insync Surveys, went from stereotypical sceptic to passionate diversity campaigner. He shares his story with HR Director

  • How old is old when it comes to employees? by Human Capital

    With the pension age rising, there’s a government-backed push for Australian businesses to hire older workers. But will age prejudice get in the way?

  • Goldman Sachs tops the Australian Workplace Equality Index Awards by Janie Smith

    Financial services company Goldman Sachs has been named the top employer for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) employees.

  • More companies aiming for greater workplace diversity by Janie Smith

    The need for diversity consultants and managers is a growing trend as companies move towards greater workplace equity and diversity, according to a recent report.

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