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    HR Partners, The Next Step and Frazer Jones are the top-performing companies for Human Resources in Human Resources Director 2018 Top Recruiters

  • Recruitment by

    HR Partners - A Randstand Company, PeopleScout and Predictive Hire are are the top-performing companies for Recruitment in Human Resources Director's HR Service Provider Awards 2017

  • HR should not be invisible, says HR head by Victoria Bruce

    HR needs to cast off the shackles of its traditional role as an administrative function and embrace its new role as a strategic partner, says Unisys HR leader.

  • Accelerate your HR career: Consider opportunities overseas by HCA

    Could global exposure be the trick to fast-tracking your career?

  • Building brand “you”: Why personal brands matter by Janie Smith

    It may seem like shallow window-dressing to some, but a personal brand can be a key point of differentiation for you as an HR professional. HC looks at what you need to know.

  • HR careers: Plugging the hole in your CV by Janie Smith

    Climbing the career ladder can be tricky if you find yourself short on desired experience. HC looks at what companies want to see on your CV and how you can get it.

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