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  • How to handle a traumatised employee by Miklos Bolza

    If an employee experiences trauma outside of the workplace, what are HR’s legal obligations and responsibilities?

  • What makes a rising HR star? by Victoria Bruce

    HR stars need to ensure they are armed with an arsenal of diverse and adaptable skills

  • HR managers facing career retribution if they cross the ‘sham’ line by Ben Abbott

    HR managers risk serious fines and even their careers if they are involved in companies that cross the line in this one “serious” area of the Fair Work Act.

  • The hidden minority in your workplace by Chloe Taylor

    Approximately one in five of Australia’s workforce is suffering with a mental illness at any given time. How well equipped is your workplace to acknowledge and handle employees within this bracket?

  • Workplace mental health red flags by

    David Burroughs of Communicorp and Helen Ayres of Holding Redlich talk to HCTV about the red flags companies can use to identify a workplace mental health issue, and what companies can do to help employees.

  • Workplace gambling: The new health and safety risk? by Human Capital

    Gambling has been recognised as an addictive disorder and with the rise of mobile technology, there’s a greater chance of it happening at work. Should you have a management plan to deal with it?

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