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  • Recruiting for the new wave of diversity by Contributor

    Diversity and inclusion have evolved beyond buzzwords to become embedded cultural practices in organisations worldwide. And now a new subset of diversity is gaining traction among forward-thinking employers – cognitive diversity


    ADP, FRONTIER SOFTWARE, and SYNCHRONY GLOBAL are the top-performing companies for Payroll Systems in Human Resources Director's HR Service Provider Awards 2018

  • Is AI the new HR? by HRD

    The notion of AI often conjures up images of automation without human involvement. But while it offers HR the potential for great leaps forward in organisational processes, human intervention and decision-making are still required

  • Payroll beyond national borders by HRD

    The debate about whether to keep payroll operations in-house or to outsource continues to rage, but what happens when the debate shifts from in-house to offshore?

  • Going global with payroll by Contributor

    There are some key steps HR can take to ensure global payroll operations run smoothly, says Nick Southcombe, CEO of Frontier Software

  • HRIS by

    Mumba Cloud, SAP Fieldglass and Frontier Software​​​​​​​ are the top-performing companies for HRIS in Human Resources Director's HR Service Provider Awards 2017

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