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  • Time to fire men, and people with PhDs by Rose Sneyd

    An annual survey on time-wasting at work has revealed that more employees are wasting time on a daily basis this year than last year. Time to panic?

  • Is social media good for productivity? by Iain Hopkins

    Is Facebook really a big distraction in the workplace? It may not be so with the results of a recent study, showing that employees who use social media are more likely to be the most productive workers.

  • Recruiter unleashes explosive Twitter rant by Stephanie Zillman

    An Australian recruiter using the twitter handle @exec_hunter this week unleashed a bizarre rant on radio host, writer and comedian Wendy Harmer. After the tweets went viral, the brand damage is immeasurable.

  • Internal communication using social media by External

    Confused about the myriad social media tools and platforms on the market? Eva-Maria provides her tips for using three of the most popular for creating employee groups.

  • Social media not widely accepted as a recruitment tool by Iain Hopkins

    Despite the social media boom, employers are not actively using social media to recruit and manage job applicants.

  • Candidates wise up to washing their Facebook page by Caitlin Nobes

    A new online application helps people find red flags on their social media pages, starting with Facebook, but is it a bad thing for HR?

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