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  • ​CEOs Talk Leadership: Jane Huxley by HCA

    No one said leadership was easy. Getting to the big office requires a special mix of talent, ability and drive. Jane Huxley talks to Jane Huxley about the attributes she thinks is required for a good leader

  • To Tweet or not to Tweet? by Human Capital

    Whether an employer allows staff to access social media at work or not, may affect a candidate’s decision regarding accepting a job offer with them.

  • HRD issue 12.03 by

    Cover story: CEOs on leadership

  • Twitter recruitment 101: How to tweet jobs successfully by Tammy Buckley

    Twitter can be a powerful tool in your recruitment arsenal, but just as with any other method if you don’t get it right then it will fail to bring in the candidates. Here are four tips to help get it right.

  • Quirky and marvellous employee perks by HCA

    Funds towards fertility treatment, twice-monthly house cleaning and lengthy ‘career breaks’ are just some of the perks offered by these forward-thinking HR leaders.

  • HR Nightmare: Employee releases payroll info by HCA

    A UK worker is under arrest after publishing 100,000 employees’ payroll information. What can HR learn?

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