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  • Tech companies: Still a boys’ club? by Janie Smith

    Statistics from some of the world’s biggest technology companies show that their workforces are still predominantly male. Are diversity initiatives the answer to addressing the gender imbalance?

  • Blog: How sticky are you? by Angela Atkins

    Angela Atkins of Elephant HR looks at why companies need to create "candidate stickiness" and how they can do so.

  • Books: The new business card? by Human Capital

    With social media becoming a popular platform for sharing information, it can be difficult to be heard amongst the noise. Publisher Blaise van Hecke explains how books are fast becoming an effective alternative.

  • Lighter side: Bikini leaves one fraudulent employee with nowhere to hide by Human Capital

    An American beauty queen has been exposed for furthering her career at the expense of her employer, after a photo of her clad in a bikini and stilettos left her with nowhere to hide.

  • Social sourcing: Dive into new talent pools by Janie Smith

    Using social media with a marketing approach may be HR’s key to attracting new talent to the organisation.

  • #Success: Using social media to advance your career by Janie Smith

    Social media is playing an increasingly large part in recruitment and employer branding, but it can also help HR professionals position themselves to move forward in their field.

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