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  • Legislation would ban after-work emails by Sarah Megginson

    A nation recognised as a global leader in workplace efficiency is now considering legislation that would make it illegal to email colleagues after 6pm.

  • Lighter side: Graduate channels David Brent by HCA

    After 100 rejections, a frustrated job seeker in the UK has channelled Ricky Gervais to impress would-be employers.

  • What HR can learn from football recruiters by Sarah Megginson

    Football recruiters seek one over-riding quality when looking for new players. What can HR learn from their approach?

  • Bain exec: Flex-work options key to corporate gender parity by HCA

    Bain & Company partner Julie Coffman discusses the HR initiatives that have helped close the long-standing gender gap among executives in the firm.

  • 3 steps to make LinkedIn work to your advantage by Sarah Megginson

    It's no secret that Linkedin is a valuable resource for HR, but do know how to avoid being swamped when on the recruitment trail? Here's how...

  • Work-Life Integration by HRD

    The issue of gender inequality in all ranks of the corporate world continues to haunt most organisations, but strides are being made. Jill Gregorie talks to two global HR leaders about the practical steps their organisations are taking to groom female leaders

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