Diversity Council Australia news

  • 2015: Year of the diverse workforce by Chloe Taylor

    Diversity Council Australia is advising employers to rethink their diversity and inclusion strategies – one DCA expert explains why it is important to act now.

  • Women workers face “motherhood penalty” by Janie Smith

    Taking time off work to have and raise children has a significant impact on women’s lifetime wages, according to research from Diversity Council Australia.

  • Flexible working not a silver bullet by Cameron Edmond

    While flexible working has its merits for working mums, it isn’t the only key to unlock gender equality.

  • Getting reconciliation plans right by Cameron Edmond

    In order to fully integrate Indigenous people in the workplace, businesses must take a more active approach to reconciliation, experts say.

  • Ten steps to capitalise on cultural diversity by Cameron Edmond

    Cultural diversity in the corporate executive ranks is lagging behind the overall cultural mix of Australian society, a new report has found. Here are 10 steps to capitalise on culture in your organisation.

  • Diversity: Undervalued, under-resourced and in decline by Cameron Edmond

    Despite its proven effectiveness on employer branding, corporate decision-making and even profitability new research shows many organisations are downsizing their diversity programs and strategies.

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