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  • Three tips to drive employee engagement by John Hilton

    There are certain pitfalls that companies should avoid when executing their staff engagement strategy

  • Becoming a millennial talent magnet by Contributor

    Some employers are still struggling to adjust their recruitment approaches to attract the best talent from what will soon be the most dominant workforce demographic

  • Recognition in the flow of work by External

    Instead of being a one-off or occasional manager-led task, Jeremy Salter, employee engagement lead at Grass Roots, recommends that recognition be woven into the everyday flow of work

  • What is recognition in the flow of work? by John Hilton

    Jeremy Salter of Grass Roots explains the many benefits of recognition in the flow of work

  • Getting behind big, big data by Contributor

    The HR profession may have been slow to join the big data revolution, but now it’s available, and the insights provided by algorithms and machine learning will transform how decisions are managed and how people are engaged and managed

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