Iain Hopkins

Iain Hopkins

Iain is a managing editor with Key Media.


Having written and edited magazines across seven industries and five continents, Iain’s specialist areas are human resources, leadership and management.

Contact: Iain.Hopkins@keymedia.com


  • The HR challenges of ‘glocalisation’

    In the past, local HR leaders had global HR initiatives foisted on them – has this situation changed over time?

  • How should HR solve succession dilemmas?

    Outmoded processes and a reluctance from young people to step up to leadership roles may impact future business sustainability

  • New beginnings

    Career transition services have traditionally only been thought about reactively, at the time of need, but things are changing

  • What HR can learn from neuroscience

    Neuroscience is opening up a world of opportunities in L&D – not least in leadership development

  • A perfect partnership

    HRD chats to Joseph Chou, founder and CEO of Ironfish, a leading property investment services company and proud event partner of the Australian HR Awards

  • The science of leadership

    Brian Little has won industry accolades for his groundbreaking management training initiatives at global insurer Zurich. He shares his story with HRD

  • All for one

    Barclays is rapidly becoming the world leader in diversity and inclusion, but it’s in disability inclusion and accessibility that it’s truly blazing a path

  • Linking health to performance

    Instead of believing health and wellbeing initiatives have a minimal impact on business performance, it’s time to build a bridge between the two. Here’s how to start

  • Myth-busting: Novated leases

    A novated lease is a benefit that you can offer your employees at little to no cost to your business – here’s how

  • Are your employees financially stressed?

    Research shows that Australians are under enormous financial strain – but what role, if any, do employers play in alleviating that strain?

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