Lauren Valenti

Rising Stars 2020

HR consultant
Austin Health

Valenti joined Austin Health as a HR advisor in 2015 in her first HR position, was promoted to her current role as HR consultant in 2018, and just this year was tasked to act as senior HR consultant for a four-month period.

As HR consultant, Valenti co-supports a client portfolio of approximately 3,000 staff including two executives; while her acting role saw her single-handedly managing the client portfolio of 3,000 staff. Her large remit didn’t stop Valenti from assisting others in managing their workload demands. She also proactively coached and mentored other team members to help them reach their potential. Not only did she deliver a high standard and volume, she also assisted others to do the same.  

Valenti has contributed organisational development initiatives to enable staff to balance day-to-day demands. She identified the need for a Manager Toolkit to assist people leaders to navigate internal resources that will help them manage their teams. She also supported and helped co-design a large-scale change process for a division of more than 1,000 staff. Her other achievements include the development of an Austin Health template for succession planning and the creation of a communication strategy to encourage staff participation in Austin’s employee engagement survey.