Gemma Weaver

Rising Stars 2020

People and development specialist

Weaver joined PHD in 2016 and was recently promoted to her current role, tasked with driving many of PHD's internal initiatives, managing complex employment matters across its offices nationally, and serving as HR lead for PHD’s sister agency, Foundation.

As Foundation’s HR lead, Weaver has seamlessly implemented processes and initiatives from the ground up over the past year, including an onboarding and exit process, a culture committee, a formal review process, and the agency’s first training program.

Weaver has also led some notable progressive HR initiatives in the last 12 months, including:

  • developing a program to combat high turnover rates amongst employees with one to three years’ experience;
  • driving the company’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP);   
  • elevating the company’s partnership with Career Trackers, a non-profit organisation that creates internship opportunities for Indigenous university students, to employ Career Tracker Interns nationally; and    
  • bringing cultural awareness training to staff.     

Weaver has also proven herself an asset to PHD when it comes to communicating with the company’s young workforce, listening to their concerns with compassion and making strategic recommendations to the business on how to address those.