Merri Health

Innovative HR Teams 2020

As one of Victoria’s largest community health providers, Merri Health has been on a journey to establishing its footprint as an inclusive employer of choice. Situated in one of Victoria’s most diverse catchments, and with 90% of their employees residing in the area, there was a need to establish inclusive practices that would support employees’ diverse needs.

The HR Team have focused on improving the employee experience; looking beyond a job offering, with an opportunity to develop individual’s present and future prospects. Their employee-centric approach coupled with a diverse workforce set the foundation for their initiative; their journey to inclusive employer of choice.

A key component in this journey has been the HR Team leading the way in working collaboratively across the organisation to bring Gender Equality to the forefront. This resulted in furthering the work of the Family Violence committee to garnering resources and budget for a phased, whole-of-organisation approach to the primary prevention of violence against women.