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Innovative HR Teams 2018

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Peoplecare’s Mental Health Program has been developed in response to rising mental health issues in Australia, and supports employees in living healthy lives. The program comprises a series of mental health support services, including:
• an anonymous external counselling service free for ‘Peoplecarers’ and their immediate family members
• leadership training such as the Mental Health Hour of Power sessions’ internal initiatives that engage and empower employees
• toolkits for managers with useful guidelines to manage staff with mental health issues, and frameworks for having sensitive conversations about mental health
• a checklist with ‘Reasonable Adjustment Ideas’ for the managers of staff who may need some flexibility in managing mental health issues

In addition, to reach out one-to-one, Peoplecare organised a ‘Blind Mate’ event for RUOK? DAY in 2017. Peoplecarers went on ‘blind mate dates’ at a cafe, for a drink and deeper conversation with a co-worker they might not usually work closely with. The event was designed to get employees thinking about mental health in constructive ways. Additionally, in October 2017, Peoplecare started a WIN/WIN parenting program comprising of monthly education and training programs on best practice tips and suggestions for raising children.