Black Dog Institute is part of Human Resources Director Innovative HR Teams 2018

Innovative HR Teams 2018


With mental illness now the leading cause of absenteeism and long-term work incapacity in developed countries – the Australian economy loses more than $12bn per year in productivity costs – the work of organisations such as Black Dog Institute in promoting mental health and wellbeing is more crucial than ever. Not surprisingly, the organisation walks the talk. With a strong focus on prevention, Black Dog is incorporating optional self-care plans into the induction procedures for all staff. The self-care plan helps employees enhance their own wellbeing by managing stress and developing a better understanding of personal resilience. This also involves a change in mindset – helping people think of rest times amid busy periods as a productive measure instead of an indulgence.

The Black Dog staff self-care plan helps employees determine their personal needs by having them list everything on a template that provides them with a good summary/overview and enables them to come up with their own strategies. The template provides the option for staff to list their ideal practices across five key categories: body, mind, spirit, emotions, and relationships.