Luke Murphy, Executive general manager- HR, CSR

Hot List 2019

Since taking on his current role in 2010, one of Luke Murphy’s greatest achievements has been HR’s transformation of its performance management system in 2018, creating [email protected] Adopting a customer-led innovation process and agile principles, the team designed and implemented [email protected] with a focus on strategically aligned performance objectives; inspiring more regular performance check-ins; coaching to drive performance and improvement; use of real-time peer-to-peer feedback; a more contemporary and fair approach to assessing and rewarding performance; and supporting the growth of its employees with a robust development tools and career infrastructure.

[email protected] is a digitised experience that was custom built through a co-design process involving the company’s business leaders and digital and HR teams. The agile principles adopted by the team were instrumental in the change management process. Implementation was thus faster, cheaper and more positive for employees. The HR team delivered over 300 days of training across Australia and New Zealand. Supporting employees and creating the right mindset has been fundamental to the success of [email protected], which also resulted in CSR being recognised as one HRD’s Innovative HR Teams in 2019.