Employer of Choice 2020

Every year at AbbVie begins with a week in January called Learn.Develop.Perform. This is a global initiative that is customised locally. It is dedicated to supporting AbbVie employees with their individual development. The week includes podcasts, 24-hour live radio, virtual and in person presentations, learning modules, articles of interest and infographics to help each employee with their ongoing development.

In 2019, AbbVie launched a new mental health strategy. A key part of the program was to provide employees with tools and tactics to improve their mental health, help manage stress and help employees better facilitate open and honest conversations about mental health in the workplace. Since the program’s inception, AbbVie has seen encouraging results with high awareness and staff participation- with over 95% awareness of the signs and symptoms of mental illness. The program has also seen 76% of employees (up from 37% within six months) now feel confident to speak about their mental health with colleagues.